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Last months window display...

The Beauty of England

As the Pandemic goes on, the world really does get smaller, there are fewer places to go, and we find ourselves looking at our own country.

Sometimes we forget about its beauty, its splendour, its magnificent history. So we share some lovely views of England …..

We can arrange a break in the UK, we act for many British companies, we can do caravans and castles, country hotels or a city break. We issue train tickets on the spot, and coach tickets too.  So there’s no excuse, when we are allowed, to not enjoy the lovely island we call home.


Whatever holiday you're looking for contact Janaway Travel, Camden, London. Tel: 0207 485 4471.

Previous Window features include...


Just before we went into lockdown, I popped over to Marrakesh, for two days exploration and work. Nice work if you can get it! In these days of working from my kitchen,  I can still remember theRead more

We are open!

We are so pleased to be back!  Our shop is now open on Monday, Thursday and Friday from 10.00 until 1pm.  Due to social distancing restrictions we would recommend you call us to discuss your travelRead more


In between Christmas and New Year, I went to Helsinki, Finland’s delightful capital.  Surrounded by water and islands, this city, is a little like Paris and a bit like Copenhagen, and has theRead more

The delights of Lymington and the Isle or Wight

A few weekends ago, I had booked off some time, and decided to stay in England. What a weekend I picked, not a cloud in the sky warm days, and a lovely seaside town to enjoy. I took the car, butRead more


With my A,B,C Holidays once again rearing its head with my two best girlfriends and being two years behind schedule we decided that for “D” we would head to Dubrovnik, not because we are massiveRead more


Oh my! What can I say about this recent trip?  Firstly some of the pictures are not great, my camera broke, so half are with camera and half with iphone, no offence to the iphone. These are all fromRead more

Oh Là Là France

On our recent trip to France we took these beautiful photos in Bordeaux, Lyon, Avignon, Arles, Nice, Marseille, Carcassonne and Toulouse.  The pictures are a mix of the sights, from the people, theRead more

Anguilla and Antigua

When I told people I was going to Anguillla, everyone said, ooohhh where’s that? Except my Mum who said that sounds dangerous. Anguilla, is in the Caribbean , very close to the Dutch/French islandRead more

Eagle’s Palace Villa Halkidiki 2019

I was lucky enough to be invited on this small luxury agent’s trip to see and stay in the Eagles Palace Villas in Halkidiki. 3 hours from London – nice and early start with Easyjet from LondonRead more

The wonders of Andalucia...

Our windows last month celebrated the wonders of Andalucia. With pictures from Seville Cordoba and Granada, I hope you can see the magnificence of the architecture, its past and present sights andRead more

A Tale of Two Mountains and Two Cities....

Mountains are pretty stunning, that cannot be denied. The pictures here, are of different mountains both linked to major Cities.  Salt Lake City , in Utah, famous for its Lake, and The Mormons whoRead more


On a recent trip to Brugge, these are some of the pictures. It was a beautiful autumn day, as you can see from the trees and the sky. It was a trip, from one train to another, very comfortable, andRead more

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