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You know that if you say South of France, everyone immediately thinks of Nice, San Tropez , Monaco and Cannes. But the South is so much more, with Villefranche, Sete, and of course Marseille. 

Marseille is a delight, it's the second largest City in France, but seems so different from the first. It's amber stone reflects the sun, as the mediterranean sea laps its shores. The harbour is magnificent, and has a vibrant atmosphere 24/7. Boats sail in and out of you harbour delivering fresh fish for all the amazing restaurants, there is even a ferry from one side to the other if you can't be bothered to walk. 

In a labyrinth of local streets, behind the main drag, you'll find churches, cathedrals and typical french markets full of fresh produce, bought in by local farmers. Don't miss this City, it's a special place.


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