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Anguilla and Antigua

July 14, 2019
When I told people I was going to Anguillla, everyone said, ooohhh where’s that? Except my Mum who said that sounds dangerous. Anguilla, is in the Caribbean , very close to the Dutch/French island of St Maarten . when you come close to it, from the air, you can see how fla...
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I was lucky enough to be invited on this small luxury agent’s trip to see and stay in the Eagles Palace Villas in Halkidiki. 3 hours from London – nice and early start with Easyjet from London Gatwick but sadly a 1.40 minute transfer but once you arrive at the hotel ,WOW...
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Beautiful Greece

September 6, 2018
Beautiful Greece . What’s not to like? The white-washed houses, turquoise waters as far as the eye can see, romantic sunsets, mediterranean flavours and mythological references. This is the idea most of us have of the Greek Islands - no wonder they are consi...
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