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Last month I was lucky enough to do a trip to the Seychelles. Not a destination you hear about much these days, athough when I started in this industry the Seychelles were a well known haunt of the rich and famous - long before the Maldives and Mauritius were on the map.

155 islands make up this nation - the main ones being Male and Praslin. I was expecting an Indian Ocean Caribbean, but i was very surprised to find mountains and lush green hills, in abundance.

There are no direct flights from UK but Emirates and Qatar offer an excellent service with a short transit in their Middle Eastern hubs. A journey of approximately 12 hours and you will be in a very different paradise.

The food is in abundance, the language a mixture of French, English and Creole, and the people are charming. The weather is very changeable. You can be sitting in glorious sunshine on the coast while watching torrential rainfall in the mountains. 

I spent a week sharing my time between three islands.  Male, the most populated and mountainous, has fantastic hotels all built to disappear into the scenery  Have a look at these:

Four Seasons, whose design is sumptuous with dark granite structures surrounded by Jurassic Park landscaping.

Constance Ephelia, with magnificent beaches, and a lively atmosphere.  Great for families and friends.

Praslin was my favourite, but whatever you do don't take the ferry, its horrendous.  I've never seen so many people with sea sickness on a 60 minute journey - it was so rough! Take the short flight, its only fifteen minutes, and you arrive feeling well.

Seychelles second island is stunning, so different from Male.  The beaches take your breath away.  My favourite hotels were Raffles, for wonderful service, exquisite design, and views to die for.  Ask for room 295 - you will never leave the terrace! Constance Lemuria is a wonderful hotel suitable for adults and families.  With three of the most stunning beaches and a golf course.  Even if you don’t play, it is so stunning, you might be tempted to start.
If you want to experience something completely different spend a couple of nights on Denis Island. Just 25 minutes on air Seychelles from Male, this island is self supporting with its own farm. If you are expecting amazing glass structures with  Wifi  and a gym forget it. This is back to basics, very comfortable beach front cottages, with outdoor luxury bathrooms. You might find a turtle laying eggs as you walk to breakfast, or have long conversations with the giant tortoise, especially Toby who is 160 years old, and has never even heard of botox! 

All in all the Seychelles is a wonderful, safe, and friendly destination with something for everyone, its pricey, but worth that extra dip into the purse.  After all, they named their capitol after Queen Victoria.

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