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Beautiful Jamaica

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Jamaica trip hosted by JTB (Jamaican Tourist Board)

So after 28 years of travelling on business for the wonderful job that I do I have never been upgraded to business class and wow what an experience.  I was on a British Airways flight to Kingston a 9 hour journey but with the added comfort of business class the time whizzed by; champagne, food, TV and a flatbed - I was in in my glory!

The first stop was the beautiful Goldeneye Hotel www.goldeneye.com – Hence the name – yes James Bonds – Ian Fleming wrote many a novel here – this is for hire but sadly it was occupied so I was unable to view the house, I stayed in one of the beautiful new 2 storey beach huts.  It had lots of space downstairs to chill out with an outside shower, hammock and a sofa for 10!  Upstairs was a large double shower and decent size bedroom with a fridge, plenty of water, coffee machine and TV in case you needed a distraction from the crickets, birds and local insects chattering outside while sitting on the amazing balcony.  I was delighted with my abode for the evening and was also welcomed with a beautiful beach barbecue that evening with the most beautiful food, reggae band and delightful drinks.

The following morning in the Bizot restaurant a delightful breakfast of choice awaited me, followed by a tour of the hotel covering all accommodation, sports activities and a chill around the pool with some black passion cocktails instigated by the delightful Sally. At lunch time we sampled the  “family lunch” a varied choice of local specials from Jerk Chicken to Ackee along with salad’s, rice and coleslaws all prepared on site and using produce from their own farm on the Island set up by the famous Chris Blackwell (yes the same CB from Island records).  

The next day I needed to head West to Ocho Rios to the Jamaica Inn www.jamaicainnhotel.com . This old hotel has hosted many a star or two since the 1950s – actresses, politicians, royals to name but a few. The hotel is oldie worldly including some of its staff who have been with them 56 years or so (ready to retire I think).  The place feel like Miss Marple should be staying here, not for a murder to be committed but a good story of intrigue, affairs and secrets behold the hotel followed by the beautiful on site dog shadow wandering around wagging her tail. The beach here is beautiful with the usual water sports to indulge in and the rooms have the most desired outside space – all masquerading in the delightful whites and blue shades reflecting against the sea.

The beach at the Jamaica Inn Hotel, Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios, Jamaica Inn Hotel

After a night stay and dinner I packed up again and started my journey to the Half Moon Hotel www.halfmoon.com some 2 hours away in Montego Bay and was shown to my room.  The Hibiscus Suites have very large rooms, even bigger bathrooms and just a short walk away from your terrace the beautiful beach awaits – stunning!  The hotel is a large resort hotel offering everything you can imagine from tennis, sports, spa, dolphins, lap swimming pool, cycles hire, buggies, restaurants, coffee on the go.  The estate offers cottages, villas, privacy – you name it and it is here for you.   

After a quick shower I headed off to the nearby famous Rose Hall Great House for a tour and brief about Annie Palmer the white witch and the killing of her 3 husbands – a must if you’re in the area. 

Our evening meal was hosted back at the hotel in the Sugar Mill Restaurant, again food is fab and defiantly a must to dine.

The Half Moon, Montego Bay

The Half Moon, Montego Bay

The following morning I headed over to the Round Hill Hotel www.roundhill.com.  The hotel and villas are set in amazing private grounds housing some of the best accommodation and villas I have ever seen!  Their Pineapple Suites have been recently renovated and designed by Ralph Lauren, with large white shutters that open out for you to view the sea – this place is calm, relaxing with a lovely infinity pool and bar.

Our hosted lunch had a great choice to choose from and afterwards we were also given a complimentary Spa!  The walk from the restaurant was just beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed taking in the serenity and watching the sea glistening in the distance.  The evening offered a cosy atmosphere of the residents singing quiet tunes with the band, dancing and much love.

On my last night in Jamaica I enjoyed a lovely lunch stop at Scotchies which is a local favourite and a must for all.

Now Jamaica is and has been a hard sale for many years – but now having been I can say I will return.  The food, people, hotels and the 175 attractions that are on offer are simply wonderful. I would like to say I went into each town but my short 4 night stay was busy all day by night I wanted to finish my night cap and head for my bed – this is not to say that from what I saw on driving through and those that did venture out that it’s not safe because I’m told and believe that Jamaica is Fun Fun Fun.


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