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Stunning Seville

One of Europe‚Äôs most stunning cities….well worth a visit.

Seville is located in the South of Spain. Famous for its architecture and tourist attractions, the climate differs depending on the time of year - our last visit to Seville was in October 2017 and the temperature was a staggering 35c! However, its Mediterranean climate produces high temperatures in summer with the cooler months occurring in winter. 

The trouble with Seville, is that everywhere you look you see beauty.  Famous for its beautiful buildings, bustling restaurants and lush greenery. Those searching for sight-seeing will be indulged with many options to explore. In the pictures above and below I have tried to capture the different sides of Seville, the wide river, its one tall building, the amazing architecture of the bull ring, the sprouting palm trees.  The abundance of orange trees, are a very welcome shade, when you reach for that gin and tonic as the heat of the day, finally gets to you.


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