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Anguilla and Antigua

When I told people I was going to Anguillla, everyone said, ooohhh where’s that? Except my Mum who said that sounds dangerous.

Anguilla, is in the Caribbean , very close to the Dutch/French island of St Maarten . when you come close to it, from the air, you can see how flat it is. Most Caribbean islands have mountains and rain forests, but Anguillla does not. The capitol is called The Valley, and is a small busy little town, the thing about Anguilla is…..it’s the people, the people are extraordinary, they are quite wonderful, very kind, very welcoming, the food is some of the best I have ever tasted. The beaches have the whitest smoothest and cleanest sands, and the sea….the sea is incredible. There are several ways to get to Anguilla, it’s a British island by the way, and you can fly to St Marteen and take  a boat 20 mins , or to Antigua and take a short flight or connect through New York or Miami.

Personally stick to Antigua, it’s so easy, and the onward flight albeit a bit scary, offers you fantastic views.

Now talking about Antigua, famed for its 365 beaches, its music scene and wonderful hotels. I was lucky enough to stay, and experience the magnificent Jumby Bay Island . This exclusive, luxury all inclusive resort, a short distance from Antigua Airport, with stunning views and beaches, is somewhere you might consider for a honeymoon, or a family break, and twinned as a two centre with Anguilla.

John Warrington
Janaway Travel

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