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Oh my! What can I say about this recent trip?  Firstly some of the pictures are not great, my camera broke, so half are with camera and half with iphone, no offence to the iphone.

These are all from the lovely Island of Anguilla. I took a trip there last month, for five beautiful days, with beautiful people and amazing food. The island is flat, like a pancake, unlike its neighbours St Maarten and Antigua.

It’s British of course, and its famous for the shortest battle ever fought, according to the Anguillans, between the French and The British on a Beach, it lasted ten minutes. Don’t tell Boris!

Anguilla was badly hit by the Hurricane two years ago, and has only just got back on its feet, but the spirit of the people, and the hoteliers, means they are now ready to receive as many guests as
possible. You will not be disappointed.

I hope these personal pictures, reflect the colours of the island and the local art, in the best possible way.
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